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Three Things That Are Hurting Your Lawn

Your backyard should be your own personal outdoor space to use for all of the activities you love, without having to leave your house. Having your own place to read in the sun, let your dog run around and your children play soccer, or even have a small game of golf is key to a healthy life at home. However, your lawn is a delicate place, especially after a day of rain or when the ground is frozen during the winter. If you aren’t careful, it will quickly become patchy with dead areas. Here are three things that are hurting your lawn:


Too much foot traffic, whether it's from walking a regular path from one area to the next or playing outdoor sports with your kids, can trample and flatten large areas of your lawn and cause grass to die. If it has recently rained, or the ground is in freeze-thaw cycles, it can become worse with mud added to the mixture.


If you have a dog, you know that giving it a backyard to run around in and relieve itself is essential. However, pets are very habitual, choosing one or a few spots to return to. Over time, pet urine can kill patches of grass due to the nitrogen content. Installing artificial turf will eliminates this problem, and your yard will always look great.


Leaving weight on an area of your lawn and blocking sunlight from reaching the grass is guaranteed to leave dead patches once you finally choose to rearrange. You may end up with a few unsightly spots that will need to be regrown later.

Although the above situations are potential trouble spots, your backyard is meant for fun! You shouldn’t have to worry about ruining the look of it while enjoying time outdoors. One solution many homeowners are opting for is artificial turf, their lawn into a beautiful green area year-round, that will never require maintenance.

Dreamscape Designers specializes in creating beautiful backyards with synthetic grass that is kid-friendly for all of your favorite outdoor activities, urine-resistant so your pets can roam free, and can even design new areas for fun with putting greens and more. Give us a call today at (757) 412-1265 to find the solution that is right for your home and family.


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